Project Description


—  We, Who have the Souls —

This ongoing project is a journey through my emotional archives. It is a research journey of an authentic portrait of the feeling of lack of control over one’s own emotional state, commonly known as Borderline Personality Disorder, which, according to the DSM5, the 5,6% of the population experiences. The fact that the hundred or so pins that pierce one’s chest every time one feels in an alleged danger rediscover their visual dignity, becoming symbols, colors and shadows, makes them immediately recognizable and, therefore, rever- sible. This way, the shadow acquires as much presence as the body; yet, it is able to do so only because it got away from the body, it is itself a body part escaped.

There exists a sort of underlying recognition with the Demon-God, which establishes an area of indiscernibility more profound than any sentimental identification. Here the Figure has a necessary relationship with the shadows, since they become a material structure in the image. They)not only fidget around the body, but the body itself must reconnect with them and dissipate in them; this action of “passing through” is constituted by real, physi- cal, actual conditions which involve pain, time, pauses and a great amount of resiliency. Only after all these essential passages the figure can be dissolved, fulfilling the prophecy.

When the visible body faces the powers of the invisible, it cannot attribute to them any other form of visibility than its own: it’s only in this field that the Figure asserts a possi- bility to triumph that was unknown to her until those powers remained invisible within their own show, that took her strength and led her astray. The visual sensation frees a force capable of overcoming the invisible Demon or, at least, of making it its friend.

This work has neither models to represent, nor stories to tell. It is an attempt to break the representation, fracture the narrative, prevent the illustration and, finally, free the Figure.


Born in 1994, Giorgia Zaffanelli is an Italian multidisciplinari artist, currently based in Milan, who works with photography, text and performance. Alongside her studies of anthropology and philosophy, her photographic resource is focused on long-term documentary projects, with a particular focus on identity and femininity. At the moment, she is working on a metaphotographic project, focused on the relationship between the soul and the vision we have of reality.. with a particoular attention on identity and inclusion. At the moment, she is working on a self-potrait project, based on the relationship between the soul and the vision we have of reality.