Project Description



I am a documentary photographer and filmmaker that trapped into the war bubble. I born into a Kurdish family in Iran, during the civil war in Kurdish region of Iran following the 1979 revolution. This is why I have a very special relation with the social-political conflicts and the people who are suffering from it. I fall in love with photography at the age of 17 but took a long time to be confident enough to make any photograph. However, I began my career as a storyteller through documentary filmmaking medium, but photography always been my favourite choice. As an Iranian photographer, I am interested to work in the Middle East, the place I come from which has been in turmoil in past few decades and its likely to be continue. Since the rise of so-called Islamic State (ISIS) I have travelled many times to Iraq and Syria to cover the conflict there. During my trips, I was curious to see how people can change dramatically as a result of violence taking place around them. I am always hopeful to find hope and dignity among the people that I photograph.